Lashes & Brows


Classic Eyelash Extensions
2 hours · £45
Individual extensions applied one-by-one to your own lashes. Gives a natural mascara-type look.


Classic Eyelash Extensions Infill
1 hour, 15 mins · £28


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions
2 hours · £50
A combination of individual lash extensions and volume fans.  Gives a fluffy fuller look.


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions Infill
1 hour, 15 mins · £33


Volume Eyelash Extensions
2 hours · £55
Lightweight lash fans are applied to your natural lashes, creating a full, voluminous effect.


Volume Eyelash Extensions Infills
1 hour, 15 mins · £38


Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions
2 hours · £60
Wide, dense fans applied to your natural lashes to give a glam, intense look.
Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions Infill
1 hour, 15 mins · £43


Lash Lift
45 mins · £40
A low-maintenance treatment that uses a chemical solution to lift your natural lashes.  Includes a free tint.
Lash Extensions Removal
30 mins · £10


Eyelash Tint
10 mins · £8


Eyebrow Wax
10 mins · £5
Waxing is a quick, gentle and long lasting way to define the shape of your eyebrows.


Eyebrow Tint
10 mins · £8
Brow tinting involves changing the colour of your brows to make them look more defined.


Brow Lamination
45 mins · £30
Brow lamination is a treatment that sets the brow hairs in place using a chemical solution.  If you have unruly, flat or downward growing hairs, lamination can change the direction of growth to create a more uniform look with a higher arch and a more desirable brow shape.  Includes tint.



Lip Wax
10 mins – £5


Chin Wax
10 mins – £5