The Curse of the Spring Lash Shed

Since the weather has changed recently, have you noticed your lash extensions falling out faster than usual? Maybe after just a few short days, you’ve experienced a higher than usual amount of lash loss.

You’ve followed the aftercare instructions lovingly handed to you by your Lash Technician, cleansed your extensions every day, stayed away from oil-based products, brushed them carefully and you’ve STILL got lashes falling out left right and centre!

So why is this happening?

Well this is a result of…(dramatic music) SPRING LASH SHED SEASON! Let’s get into what this means and why this happens every year.

What is lash shedding?

Lash shedding is a natural process where our own eyelashes fall out and completely replenish in 60-90 days. Depending upon individual hair-growth cycles, we tend to shed an average of 1 to 5 natural lashes daily. It is all a part of the natural lash cycle and is a perfectly normal, healthy process. When an eyelash falls, a new baby lash has already been growing in its place. Something that we may not even notice!*

*FYI, this is why when our lash extensions fall out to reveal the teeny baby lashes underneath, you may panic and think the extensions have caused your eyelashes to fall out!

What is the eyelash life cycle?

Three stages are involved in the life cycle of the hair on the eyelid, like the hair on our heads. The primary stage when a tiny lash pokes out from the lash line is called the anagen stage, lasting for 15-20 days. These lashes are often extremely fragile and your Lash Tech may decide to not apply an extension to these. However, if you have recently had a lash shed and have lots of anagen stage lashes, they may apply very lightweight extensions to bridge the gaps.

In the catagen stage (also called the transitional stage), which is the second stage of the lash growth journey; the lashes are half-grown. This stage takes approx. 14-21 days. When extensions are applied at this stage, they last the longest due to the strength and longevity of the lashes.

The final stage, referred to as the telogen stage, is the time when lashes are at the peak of development and halt their growth for a short time. As these lashes are approaching the end of their life cycle, any extensions applied to these will fall out first.

Why do lashes shed in the spring season?

Lash shedding is a year-round process that becomes more conspicuous in certain seasons such as spring. Our body metabolism is such that it starts to prepare for the warmer climatic conditions during springtime. The growing heat triggers more lash hairs to go into the resting phase of development, which halts growth and causes them to fall out. Additionally, changes in humidity can play a role in your lashes growth cycle. If your skin is very dry, your hair follicles don’t get the nourishment they need for lashes to grow. This causes brittle lashes to fall out before their time is up.

What can I do to prevent lashes from shedding?

Since it is a natural process, it is not possible to prevent the lashes from shedding. To keep your lashes healthy, the rule is simple. Clean them daily! By doing this it will prevent a build up of oils and dirt and they will inevitably last longer.

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Everyone will experience shedding to a different degree and some may not notice it at all! All it means is you may need to book your infill appointments closer together. But don’t panic! The spring lash shed only lasts for a few weeks usually.

So clean those lashes, enjoy the sunshine and book your infills 🙂