Top Tips for How to Look After your Eyelash Extensions Between Appointments

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If you have made the leap into the world of lash extensions (and why wouldn’t you?!) then you will be familiar with the huge confidence boost that those gorgeous lashes give you. When you sashay out of your appointment, flicking your hair and fluttering those pretty new lashes at anyone within 2 metres, you may not be worrying about how to look after them. But as you have invested (wisely) in your beautiful face, it seems only fair to share with you how to prolong the amazing results of your treatment and enjoy your lashes for as long as possible.


#1 Do Not Get Your Lashes Wet for 24 Hours


This is the number one piece of aftercare advice that I always tell my clients (even ones who have been coming to me for years. It’s always worth the reminder). The glue that is used to attach your extensions to your natural lashes takes around 24 hours to fully ‘cure’ (which basically means a chemical reaction has taken place and has built up enough strength to adhere to the lashes). Avoiding your favourite tear-jerking films or cutting onions for dinner will ensure that the glue has time to make that strong bond with your lashes and they will last MUCH longer.


#2 Avoid Saunas, Steam Rooms, Sunbeds and Other Heat Treatments for 24-48 Hours


The water vapour from using heat treatments, sitting in hot tubs, saunas or steam rooms affects the curing effect on your lashes and will 100% make them fall our faster! On a few occasions I have lovingly applied a full set of beautiful lashes to a client, who has then contacted me within three days to question why they have lost a lot of lashes. What they haven’t mentioned is that they decided to go for a sunbed right after their lash appointment!


#3 Keep your lashes clean!


Before I trained as a Lash technician, I had never heard of cleaning my lash extensions. In fact, I would often wonder why my lashes only ever lasted a week when I hadn’t touched them or brushed them at all! This was because I was unaware that the lashes must be cleaned DAILY, in order to remove any build-up of oils that interfere with the bond between the glue and the extensions. I would slather on liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow, be too scared to remove it afterwards in case my extensions fell out, so would then just leave said make-up on my eyes for an entire week and wonder why my lashes didn’t last! Not my finest hour.


Once I learned the importance of cleaning lashes and the HUGE impact it makes on retention, I decided to invest in different types and create my own brand for my clients. After extensive research, I now retail an amazing cleanser that is specially formulated for lash extensions as it does not contain oil and gently removes impurities. It is important to use this daily (whether you wear eye make-up or not), and it comes with a free brush so you can get right between the eyelashes!


You can purchase a Beyond Lashes cleanser here:



#4 Steer clear of oil-based products


As previously mentioned, in the quest to keep your lashes clean from debris and oils from make-up or our skin, it is important that you stay away from any products that contain oil. Obviously I do not expect you to suddenly change all your make-up or skincare brands, but just be aware that any oils that make their way to your eyelids will make their way to your lash extensions and they will, categorically, affect how long they last.


If you can’t bear to part with your oil-based moisturisers or beloved foundation, you will have to be extra vigilant with cleaning your lashes afterwards!


One more thing: make-up remover wipes are an enemy to your lashes so please don’t use them! Rubbing an oil-soaked wipe across your face isn’t ideal in the best of times but I don’t want to hear about those gorgeous lashes falling victim to the horror of these wipes.


#5 Brush your lashes daily to keep them neat


You will be given a free lash wand at your appointment and this will become your best friend! Brush those beauties daily and they will stay looking fresh and pretty for as long as possible. I like to keep a lash wand in my handbag for any emergency touch-ups! These beautiful lash wands are kept inside a handy tube which keeps them clean and are perfect for pulling out at any given moment!


Forever Lash Wands:  



#6 Try not to pick or squish your lashes!


It is tempting to pick your lash extensions as time goes on, but this could result in you pulling out your natural lashes and will create a gap in the lash line. Not good! The best way to prevent your lashes from becoming squished when you sleep is to lay on your back, or use a lash-friendly sleep mask that will protect your eyes.



#7 Book your infill appointment every 2-3 weeks


At your infill appointment, your lashes will be thoroughly cleaned, outgrown lashes will be carefully removed and new lash extensions will be applied in the gaps. This appointment should take place between 2-3 weeks after your initial appointment as it is the perfect time during your natural lash cycle. However, if you have naturally oily skin, wear a lot of eye make-up or haven’t adequately cared for your lashes between appointments you may find you need an infill sooner rather than later.


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