Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth the Hype?

Eyelash Extensions: Are They Worth the Hype?

Hybrid eyelash extensions at our Beyond Lashes salon in Derbyshire

Have you ever wondered why some ladies (and some forward-thinking men) seem to carry that effortless look about them? Their skin looks enviously flawless, their hair is a shiny mane of wonder and they appear to not even be wearing make up! Well, let me tell you a secret…most of the time when someone looks effortless it’s because they have put SO much time and energy into looking that way! This is where eyelash extensions come into play.


So What Exactly are Eyelash Extensions?


Classic eyelash extensions give a natural, mascara-type look

Eyelash extensions are individually applied synthetic fibres attached to your natural lashes using specially-formulated glue. They provide depth, length and volume to your eyelashes and are one of the most popular beauty treatments of this decade.  

In this blog post, I am going to delve into the reasons why lash extensions are SO worth the hype (and how you can get them).


They hugely reduce ‘getting-ready-in-the-morning’ time

These days, who really has the time in the mornings to spend layering on ‘subtle but sexy’ eyeshadow, artfully curved eyeliner flicks and apparently-elongating mascara? Having eyelash extensions makes your eyes look on point at ALL TIMES. They give the mascara effect, whilst also complementing your eye shape and making you look effortlessly gorgeous. An added bonus is that you can choose to just wear a hint of moisturiser and SPF and you’re ready to go!


They Provide an Instant Confidence Boost

Having a full set of lash extensions that have been artfully applied by a professional can flatter, enhance and up-level your whole look. Depending on the type of look you’d like to create (for example you want to look natural, or you love a full-on glamorous vibe), having eyelash extensions instantly give you that wow factor. Trust me, it’s the confidence boost of a lifetime!


Say it louder for the sisters in the back!


They Flatter Your Face

Many people love the flattering effect of eyelash extensions. A professional Lash Technician, such as myself, understands how to create symmetry and balance using eyelash extensions and the results are truly amazing! Lash Technician’s have been trained to recognise different eye shapes and how to use extensions to flatter them. For example, if you love the look of a sexy outer flick of liquid eyeliner then you will love eyelash extensions in ‘cat eye’ style. If your Lash Technician does not think your eye shape will suit this look, then it is our job to advise you on an alternatively gorgeous effect that you will adore.

So in summary, eyelash extensions are a worthwhile investment and are definitely worth the hype!

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